Getting Started

No, your card is already active and does not expire.  If you have a digital card, your pharmacy will need an ID number following the 321 prefix.  This may be your date of birth (in XX-XX-XX format).

If a pharmacy ever tells you the card doesn’t work or is expired, ask the pharmacy staff to call the Pharmacy Help Desk at 800-329-0988.  This is NOT a number for Members to call.

We can do your shopping for you. Give us a call or 877-403-8233 or submit a ticket

Click here to search retail pharmacy and US-based mail order.

Click here to see a list of our top international meds from our International Mail Order.  We excel at high priced generics, brand names and even injectables at prices that are typically 30-40% less than GoodRx.

Click here to go to our membership site.  We offer tremendous savings on insulin and diabetic supplies.

Yes, prices at retail pharmacies will vary by location and by store.  Some of our best pricing is in smaller chains and grocery store pharmacies, NOT the large pharmacy chains.

It always saves to shopHere is our pricing tool.

We partner with several companies who offer the best savings in the following areas: 

  • Acute and chronic meds at retail pharmacies
  • Chronic meds through US-based mail order
  • International Meds for high-cost items via mail order
  • Prescription Assistance Programs for expensive brand name meds
  • Membership programs for insulin and diabetic supplies

Oftentimes, there are alternatives. 

  1. The easiest is to see if your medication comes in a generic form and ask the pharmacist to fill it that way. 
  2. Therapeutic equivalents are something your doctor would have to prescribe, but may help you save money. 
  3. See if taking two separate medications instead of a “combination” medication helps reduce the cost. 
  4. Conversely, sometimes asking for the “combination” medication instead of filling two separate prescriptions may help.
  5. Shopping international may help tremendously with the cost of brand name and some more expensive generics.  They are legal, safe, and most medications currently sold in local retail pharmacies were manufactured abroad.
  6. See if you are eligible for low-cost medications through our Prescription Assistance Program.  Your meds could cost as little as $39/mo.

All services are available for the entire household.  In fact, we encourage you to share your card and the benefits with other friends and families.

If you have completed a card request, cards are mailed the next business day via regular USPS.  If more than one family member completed a duplicate request, we will mail additional cards in one envelope.  It will be marked Rx101SaversCard and will say YOUR PRESCRIPTION CARD IS ENCLOSED in bright red letters.  Be sure to look for it!

In the meantime, click here to download a print a card or go to our app Rx101 in the Play Store or App Store.

Additional Questions

We have three different mail order programs to ensure you get the best possible price.  Each has different delivery times.  Our contact page will give you more information.  International mail order takes the longest, and initial orders may take up to 3 weeks.

There are three ways to get help:
1.  If a customer service representative is available for chat, a window will appear in the bottom right corner of the screen.

2. You may call 877-403-8233.

3. You may click here to complete a ticket and we will assist you via email or call you back.

Click here for an FAQ page devoted entirely to Discount Labs.

US-based medications are fill by Elixir Pharmacy, located in North Canton, Ohio.  Elixir Pharmacy delivers quality medications to patients in the U.S., Puerto Rico and U.S. territories. They offer convenient, free delivery in secure, private packaging, with tracking and expedited shipping options. Their quality control measures and advanced fulfillment process have resulted in a 99.99% dispensing accuracy rate. Refill reminders and automatic refills provide peace of mind and also contribute to increased adherence. Additionally, members have 24/7 access to licensed pharmacists and with our comprehensive online customer portal, members can manage their medications anytime, anywhere.

Our international mail orders originate from out of the country, and you will be informed of the country of origin as we price them for you.