Members Wellness: International Medications + Much, Much More!

Members Wellness is one of the pioneers in the field of Non-Insurance Consumer Driven Health Plans. Their company is entering its third decade offering Prescription, Dental, Vision, Chiropractic and Hearing savings for less than a dollar per day.   As a member, there is never an age restriction and there is no paperwork. Their services and nationally negotiated prices are available to anyone.

Members Wellness offers our members a SECOND choice in where to get their international mail order medications.  They have been servicing CHM Members for over a decade.  They are headquartered in Indianapolis, IN, and have over 22 years of experience in the international pharmacy industry.  Their membership-based program offers additional savings on non-insurance, fee-for-service dental, vision and chiropractic, which works perfectly in concert with our cash-pay healthshare philosophy.  Their pricing tool is available by clicking here.

Many Members purchase MembersWellness for their phenomenal pricing on International Medications, but there are additional benefits included in your monthly membership:

  • Dental – NO deductibles, NO pre-existing exclusions, NO waiting periods, and NO annual caps on benefits
  • Vision
  • Chiropractic
  • Hearing

A dollar a day!  Only $30/mo for your entire family (and a one-time enrollment fee of $10).  Members find the savings on prescriptions alone makes the membership cost effective, in essence giving members additional savings for free.

As a Christian Healthcare Ministries Member, you are already accustomed to being a self-pay patient.  When you use your MembersWellness benefits, you will pay a discounted price, and are expected to pay at the time of service.  It’s that simple!

This is NOT insurance, so we accept everyone, regardless of age or health conditions.  Our family plan includes everyone in the household.  Benefits are available for all family members, your spouse or significant other, unmarried dependent children under age 18, residing at your home, and unmarried college students to age 26. Everyone can use the card and save.